There's a Book on That

"What's fire, what's wind, or a wild tornado? There're books on that and also volcanos!"

Matt is a library worker who wants to show you what books in libraries have to offer. Come along as you explore animals and fairytale characters. The world is boundless in the library with information on everything you need to know. Wondering what worlds there are to explore in the library? There’s a Book on That!

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There’s a Book on That is available at local bookstores, libraries and retailers.


About the author

Matthew Dee

Matthew Dee has worked in libraries since 2015. Born and raised in Southern California, Matthew hopes to encourage reading for all. His books are self published with the goal of reaching as many readers as possible.

You won't have to learn things that are new.
There're tons of stories and tales just for you.


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Eligible for Prime shipping while supplies last.